lacresha33 (lacresha33) wrote in single_mother,

Nice to find you!

Hello!  I've been looking for a community of single moms for a week and didn't find you until today.  So glad I did!  Out of all the communities I feel I will most relate here.  A little about myself...  I'm 32 and a single mom to Gavyn, 4 and Kamdyn 7 weeks old.  I dated Gavyn's dad for 3 years and after we broke up I found out I was pregnant.  He was already dating someone else by the time I told him I was pregnant.  So.. for the last 4 years I've known the difficulties as well as the joys of being a single mother.  So... much to my disappointment I got pregnant again.  This time with an old  friend from college after a night of partying (insert embarrassed font here).  So I went through a second pregancy on my own.  O-well....  I've almost forgiven myself!  :)  but my boys are my life and I am in love! 

I look forward to getting involved in this community and meeting you all! 
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