kih2011 (kih2011) wrote in single_mother,

New To Live Journal

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica I'm a 24 yr old single mom to a beautiful 9month girl. I decided to give this a try since i hardly have anyone to talk to. As soon as I got pregnant all my "suppose" friends ditched me. Its hard to find time to make new ones since i work full time and i constantly have my baby's father nagging me every min. I tried to work things out with him but he would make excuses and not get a job. I understand the economy is bad and finding a job is hard, but that doesn't mean u can be a bum and sleep in all day. To top it off all he would do was go out with friends and get drunk and god knows what else. He visits his daughter once a month. He was in the military and is a combat veteran so i had to go through so much already while with him. Its tough but I am still standing strong. That felt good getting that out off my chest!
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