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Hi everyone... My name's Kari, I'm 22 and I am just recently a single mom as of about a week ago. I have an eleven week old son who is just the greatest. I was trying to make it work with his dad, but he has a drinking and pot problem and violated his felony probation and is incarcerated for the foreseeable future. It sounds so trashy when I read it over... He is really a good guy with a golden heart but he drinks to cope with his emotions and the decisions he makes while inebriated are some of the dumbest I've ever heard of (ex- "I just lost my job, so I'll go get hammered and break into unlocked cars in front of the bar to find things to pawn to support my family"). I was soley dependent on him as I was a SAHM and now I'm living with his family because we were evicted from our apartment (can't pay the rent in jail, dumbass) and my car kicked the bucket. I guess bad things really do happen in threes...

So ANYWAY, I have food stamps and just applied for TANF and I have decided to go to school to be a massage therapist. It's a 6 month course, you get certified and can enter the workforce. Do any of you single mothers have experience with going back to school? In FL would be great but anywhere really I guess. I'm going to be working part time and hopefully going to school full time to get my certification ASAFP. Are there grants for single moms? I know to fill out a FAFSA, but what about private organizations or state assistance? Any help or advice would be great. There's such a plethora of information and I'm a little overwhelmed. Thanks so much in advance.
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aww hun...*hugs*
it can and will get better... you need a support group 1st thing..so find a church a community center, coffee club whatever.. and yea i did school as a single mom. phew tough didnt cover it. i had cabs that took me and my daughters from home to their daycares. it was rough. i never got to finish either. they only allow you so many weeks w the cabs and they pull them.. i didnt know this... and i went to massage school too. it was great!! make sure you get education in other spa related skills so you can have a job if this ressions goes on and on... and to make urself look better on a resume. i loved it. and research the school you want to go well. i was on tanf. it can be so good not to have to worry so much how you will pay for stuff.... my ex was a ass and never had much for cash for me.. so w the tanf i had my own way...you will good..
I am not sure if you found the information you were looking for. But OneStop (Work Force Connection, I think, goes through them) can and will help a single mother through school - up to a 2 year program, I believe. They are also the people who deal with the Cash Assistance Program and doing the volunteer/school hours, etc.

Good luck.