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I have a question for ya'll.... what things do you have to do after your children come home from their dad's?

It's different with both my son's.  Son #1 is a whiny little back talkin mutant when he comes home.  I have to be extra mama bear on him to get him back to the boy I raised and love.

Son # 2 is only 3 months old.  When he comes back I immediately strip his clothes, give him a scrub down, wash everything that fits in my wash machine, and spray down anything that cannot (car seat).  This is due to the fact my baby comes home smelling like an asstray (total fruedian slip... I meant to say ashtray!) Ha!  Then it takes me 3 days to get him used to me not holding him 24 hours straight.  Seriously...  the sperm donor must hold him and stare into his eyes (looking for a glimmer that the baby is his).  Because the minute baby #2 is home he wants to be held and will cry and cry and cry until I pick him up.  Hey f*cker... you made me a single mom .....  now you are making my life even harder....  I hate you!  okay.... sorry, a little rant!! ha! 
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