porcelainteaset (porcelainteaset) wrote in single_mother,

The worst thing...

...about being a single Mum-to-be, at the moment, is sitting in antenatal classes and being surrounded by pairs. Everyone in my class was there with their SO, all of them were sitting very close, or hand-in-hand, or resting on each other...you know the drill. And then there's me, sat with my Mum.

Yeaaah. That didn't feel spectacular. Still hurts a bit now.

I still keep in touch with my ex-SO, and am supposed to be visiting in a couple of weeks (to pick up things one of her co-workers is selling me for baby) but the latest World of Warcraft expansion has just come out, so I'm lucky if I get one text a day, at about 3 or 4am. Still hurts knowing she didn't care for me enough to love my child as well, and that I'm not so special any more.

Hey ho. Onwards, and all that jazz. Now to "enjoy" Braxton Hicks, and try not to eat my weight in carrots and pickled red cabbage.
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